– All Clients must have a valid ID (state ID, passport, military ID). Minors receiving piercings must arrive accompanied by their parent or legal guardian with their valid ID AND proper documentation showing their relationship (birth certificate, guardianship papers etc.) In MA we cannot tattoo anyone under the age of 18.  YES, even with a parent’s consent.

– All appointments MUST be scheduled with a booking fee. No artist will draw any tattoo designs without this having been received.

– All appointments may be rescheduled with 48 hours advance notice. Failure to communicate via phone or messaging in a timely manner will result in loss of your booking fee.

– Booking fees and appointment slots cannot be transferred to friends, spouses, etc…

– All artwork/reference photos must be sent at least a week prior to the scheduled appointment date. Please send emails with your name, appointment date and tattoo designs.

– If you change your mind/ideas/artwork for your appointment, the reference photos must be sent and approved a week prior to your appointment. If you change your mind last minute and the artist is not able to redraw your design in time, you will lose your booking fee and another appointment will need to be made with a new booking fee.

– Certain piercings such as navels and industrials are anatomy dependent so it’s recommended to have a back-up piercing in mind.



– DO NOT consume drugs, alcohol, or blood thinners within 24 hours of your appointment slot. If you arrive under the influence, you will lose your booking fee and will be held responsible for the full session fee.

– Eat prior to your appointment! Having higher levels of blood sugar during your tattoo/piercing will help with your comfort levels and reduce pain. It also helps with not becoming light headed or passing out!

– Reduce caffeine intake and increase hydration. This will help with skin condition and healing.



– Follow aftercare instructions as provided by your artist.

– Contact us with any questions!

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